DEDBALL - Now Available on the iTunes AppStore!

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The most frustratingly addictive game you will ever play! Control a fast flying ghostly apparition as you try to escape from the depths of darkness. With stylistic dark and gritty hand-drawn silhouette graphics DEDBALL is addictive one-button gaming at its finest! Get it now!



  • Instant Replays - watch, upload, & share replays of your game with Everyplay.
  • Intuitive one-touch game controls
  • HD game mastered for every iOS device.
  • All hand drawn graphics.
  • Game Center Leader-boards
  • Lots of challenging achievements
  • Excellent sound effects


Dash Dot Dash

"A beautifully simple challenge!" Dash across fast moving lines, avoid getting hit by the evil squares, and collect all the diamonds to beat each level. Ahh it all sounds so simple. Each level gets harder and faster than the last! How long can you survive? Find out in Dash Dot Dash!

Chaos Grid

A delightful explosion of lights and color! React to the changing colored tiles as quickly as you can! Seems easy right? Give it a shot! It's easy to learn, difficult to master, impossible to put down.


Cupcake Krush!

The Original Ultimate Super Deluxe Explosive Cupcake Matching Game is Back! So what are you waiting for? Start matching those scrumptious little cupcakes and enjoy the colorful fun that only the explosive cakes of Cupcake Krush can deliver.


Dizzy Bird

Tilt to fly! Help Dizzy Bird flap and fly his way through moving walls of spikes collecting gems along the way! Can you control this crazy Dizzy Bird? He has a mind of his own making controlling him a fun challenge! Watch out for the spikes! 


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